that one character everyone loves but you just like


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Do you ever wish you could just watch a Fanfiction?



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Took my lil baby to the beach today. All he cared about were the flowers

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  • Capitalist 1: Hey, it's Pride month, should we do anything to support queer people?
  • Capitalist 2: I heard there's a shelter for queer and trans kids who got kicked out that's going to be closing soon due to lack of funding?
  • Capitalist 1: I was thinking more along the lines of an ad campaign where we just put our logo in rainbow colors.
  • Capitalist 2: That's a much better idea


Underrated character: Kathryn Nolan


Once Upon A Time Season 3 Rewatch | 3x10

Life is made up of m o m e n t s. Good ones, bad ones, but they’re all worth living.

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